Thursday, 28 October 2010

Autumn thoughts from Barcelona!

Autumn first there is the colours which you can find all year round if you look for them

Beautiful glass panel entrance to a hotel near where we were staying which came to light at night, literally!
It is the time of year which sees you wanting to concentrate on the colours of the trees and instead of peeling off layers you start adding them on layer by layer until before you know it - Winter is here!  These trees were amazing, the bark of them looked like camouflage and that made me start to think of all sorts of things (there's a surprise, my mind going off on a wander!).

Autumn is the time when you look for comfort in food that will make you warm inside too

Woolies come out 

The Optimism of a Sock Monkey

Football season starts, although maybe not with Kiss - wouldn't that be a match to see!

Halloween or Day of the Dead ends and All Saints Day begins

Clocks go back and nights become darker for longer

Blue skies and warm weather you start to miss as the cold sets in more

that said autumn is a season I can't help but love as I do so many many things! 



  1. Love this - you really make me want to visit Barcelona!

  2. Ashley, it is fantastic, we so want to go back again and I still have not finished posting everything arghhhhhh!

  3. The glass in the first photo is stunning! I want some of that in my house windows - can you imagine the magical light you'd see?

  4. I took more photos of this window Jamie as when we came across it at night time it looked so beautiful, the images just lured you to look at it closer. Not sure what it looked like from the inside as I didn't bother to look, but from the outside at night, yep the light was lovely.

  5. Those first two photos are gorgeous! Well, they all are, but ... wow!

  6. Oh, I would love to go there some day! Thanks for sharing pictures of Barcelona!

  7. That glass entrance is amazing.

  8. what a beautiful and unique take on Autumn. Love the sock monkey!

  9. I'm ready for a trip to Spain :)

  10. That glass is amazing, I would love a copy of the sock monkey pic for my friend.