Thursday, 21 October 2010

G is for Goal 2:1 at Barcelona vs Valencia

I originally did a post for the happiness project on Tuesday as it was Dexter's birthday, but unfortunately Leigh's son was really unwell.  He is however home from hospital and so a big happy, happy, happy joy, joy joy to them from us.  I know how worrying that can be so I too am happy for them that all is ok.

So this week she has put the happiness project today and so that gave me a chance to put up the match that Dexter got to go to in Barcelona which is where we were last weekend.

This was the first football match Dexter has ever been to, and he went to it in Barcelona's home stadium as a birthday super treat!  Dexter is a big fan of Barcelona, and so was so excited to be going, an event for him which was very daunting and awe inspiring.  These are the photos that his Daddy took of their special evening together.

Barcelona Football Stadium before the match gets underway
Metro to the Barcelona Stadium
Daunting being outside your favourite football teams stadium for the first time!  Anders just explained the significance of this moment being the first match he had ever been to and it was at Barcelona's home team stadium a team which are probably the best team in the world at the moment.
This is a photograph of Barcelona's trophies.
Waiting for the Barcelona vs Valencia match to start
Having just arrived you can see the place was pretty much empty, the Spanish have a relaxed attitude to getting into the match!
Will Barcelona win, oh, I can't imagine how I will feel if they don't!!!
Oh, the excitement yet trying to hide it!
Excitement at being at a Barcelona game
Dance of Joy!
Excited local fans.  They weren't sitting in this area, they only ever appeared when there was a break.  Just right next to this area you will notice the chairs are red and fancy looking (with names on it that sounded very posh Spanish).  Clearly the hotel had gotten Anders and Dexter great seats!
Is this a dream?

Barcelona vs Valencia October 2010

Did the Hulk play for Barcelona?
I did think of doing G is for Gaudi, but I have not yet edited those photos, so instead I will do G is for Goal and apparently they were 2 magnificent goals scored by Barcelona on Saturday night!



  1. How fun! What a memorable time for Dexter I bet. I still remember the time I went to a soccer game in of my favorite memories still! That photo of him at Goooooaaaalll is priceless!

  2. LOL, that looks soooo fun!!!

  3. He's going to have some great memories!


  4. Oh my fun!!! Love the pics... Our soccer team here in my city is REAL Salt Lake! We love going to the games... Happy Thursday!

  5. Your commentary is amazing! What a wonderful birthday gift!

  6. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  7. Great story line for your G photos thanks for sharing