Thursday, 28 October 2010

Who lives behind this door?

What a strange door I thought and why would someone write this?  Clearly it is a fake address so who lives behind it?  Halloween thoughts go through my head given the 31st is approaching fast!

Is it a tempting beauty luring you with a rosy red apple?

What else might there be behind the door to tempt you to enter?

But then again could she the bride of Dracula!

I know that sign doesn't tempt me to go and find out.  I somehow think someone who writes that on their door isn't getting their message across well!

3 more nights to go!



  1. Add some red lipstick to that girl and she'd be perfect

  2. Yay, you again!! Beauties as always...

    HA! I can't believe they put an apple on the mannequin's hand, fuunnny.

  3. I know, that bridal shop just cracks me up, first the evil mirror mirror display and now this - think they are doing it for October so wonder if it will be changed for this weekend?