Saturday, 30 October 2010

Ninja Stealth Black Swan appears for Halloween

Anders and I took Marvin & Carly for a walk yesterday when all of a sudden we said "what's that in the water?  Is it a Black Swan?!".  I ran over a bit closer and shouted "I think it is a Black Swan" to which Anders said "are you sure it isn't a young swan still with all its juvenile feathers?" - It could be, but given it is so near Halloween and I have never seen this before I would like to think of this as a Ninja Stealth Swan!

 1002Kweb06 Sepia Saturday


  1. Will you return periodically to keep an eye on the swan and see if it changes color?

  2. Yes Nancy I will, I am rather curious myself to see whether it will or won't.

  3. In my mind, it is a black swan - and doesn't that mean you get seven years of good luck for spotting it - or something equally awesome.