Thursday, 21 October 2010

Creepy Countdown 10

Anika Toro is doing a creepy countdown to Halloween over at her blog Anika Toro Pasanda Blog and today she showed us how she has been achieving these photos through manipulation.  Well as my computer at home has been being particularly slow, I thought I would play about with an image I took of Dexter the Cat and this is what I got:-

Creepy Countdown 10!

Here is the original, unedited of Dexter who was giving a big lazy yawn.


  1. Okay...when I opened up the post on my phone I saw the top image and thought "Whoa. Whoa." Talk about creepy! That beats 'em all! Then I scrolled down to see cutie-pie Dexter and lost my breath laughing. He is so so cute.
    Thanks for letting me know you made one up! This is great.

  2. very hallowenish...haha. its rad

  3. Awesome! I hope you'll do one post on halloween with all the images together - will be so cool.

  4. very cool and creepy at the same time!

  5. You've been hanging out with Anika...haven't you?!

  6. Anika, thank you for showing us all how to do this on your blog and Ashley, I how both you and Anika have taught me how to do stuff on Photoshop - thank you both.

    Jamie, I am so glad you like this and as you have requested a special Halloween post, I shall do one!

    Thanks for all the comments, love getting them and x and o to you all for leaving me one.