Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Yummy food.

We arrived in Barcelona on Friday and stayed at a great place called Casa Camper owned by the company that makes the shoes of the same name.  The restaurant which is in the same building is run by the chap who was the number 2 chef to Ferran Adria (El Bulli).  We have eaten in El Bulli's place in Spain before which is fantastic, so we were keen to see what this place was like and we were not disappointed.

Dos Palillos

Albert Raurich, former chef de cuisine at the world famous El Bulli, currently considered the best restaurant in the world, presents Dos Palillos Barcelona restaurant. Dos Palillos offers authentic Asian dishes served in the Spanish tapas style.

The style of this restaurant is Japanese, and we had the tasting menu, here are some of the pictures from the i-phone.

Takashi is the chef at the front.

strange seafood.

The yummiest burger we have ever eaten

Albert Raurich chatting to one of the hostesses

Mango desert

the lightest cake I have ever tried, I am surprised it didn't float off the plate!

Takashi using his blow torch

Barcelona coffee is a strange one - they all serve it this way, perhaps not quite as peaked, but this way none-the-less!


  1. Totally jealous!! As a fellow foodie I can't wait to one day try this place!! It's going on the list, thanks for the info!

    I'm fasting right now so will have to come and drool a bit more later! ;)

  2. My mouth is doing some very serious watering - looks amazing.