Friday, 1 October 2010

Golden week means golden time!

Apparently Golden Week in China is coming up a time for people to enjoy some R and R, and why not!
How do you do it?  
For me it is always hanging out with my family and taking photos, especially when I have a new found app to play about with and two willing redheads (my two blonds being off the hook for now)! 

That and having a great cup of coffee, ahhhh!

or looking at the clouds and sky and wondering what the next journey will bring!

Skywatch Friday


  1. Interesting. I enjoyed your creative photos. What app are you using? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Camera Pudding - a Korean app!

  3. certainly golden. and pretty!

    happy Weekend!

    xoxo, fickle
    Anvaya Cove

  4. How creative....I need to read more about golden week.

  5. I had not heard about Golden Week either, what a lovely idea though and yes needs more reading up on.

  6. Love love love the app! And your shots, of course. Loads of fun and so creative. Thanks for playing along! I was so excited to see your thumbnail.