Monday, 25 October 2010

Gaudi's bathroom was very spooky to me....

One of Gaudi's Bathrooms, was more like something out of Sybil (series which I remember watching this fantastic drama series about a woman with multiple personalities staring Sally Fields as Sybil Dorsett and Joanne Woodward as the doctor who is treating her).  This bathroom felt quite sinister really and could have been in that series!

This contraption is for doing colonic irrigation!
The rest of the house had been staged with furniture and belongings from the 20's and 30's and was actually rather nice, it was just this bathroom that I found disturbing!  Don't think many of the tourists got what this contraption was, and I cannot believe he actually had this in his house, maybe it was the people who staged it as a practical joke to see if people got it - either way, eeewww!

Building up for Halloween!

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