Sunday, 24 October 2010

Barcelona Scavenger Hunt

His every sense was on fire, he was terrified.  Glued to the chair there was nowhere to run or hide.  He had tried but the doors and windows but they had been locked tight and nobody had come when he had screamed.  He had screamed so loudly it just brought Manuel back to the room, calm but very angry.

As Manuel came towards him, he could hear the floor creek, the smell of fear was all around him, he was sweating, he was scared.  He could taste the salt from the top of his lip.  He didn't know why he was here, he just wanted to leave, but deep down he knew that was not going to happen.  He just felt a sense of doom approaching with every step Manuel took.  He hoped his sixth sense was wrong and he hoped he was not going to feel Manuel's hands grab hold of him so he pleaded, "please don't hurt me" but Manuel didn't react, he just kept coming closer with a cold icy stare which said nothing other than trouble was ahead.

Downstairs in the basement, the cook was busy preparing for a special dinner.  Her employer had not yet told her what the main course was going to be.  All she knew was that it was going to be a very special cut of meat but didn't know whether it was going to be red or white meat so decided instead to concentrate on making desert.

The dining room table was still to be set.  The room was still arranged with the tables having been left just as they had been as the cleaners had been unexpectedly given the day off........

Have I managed to cover senses?  The above shots were of a shop that sold things for dolls houses in Barcelona.

The monkeys seem to be scared, do they sense that Manuel is a baddy?  They are solid to the touch, perhaps they are frozen in fear!!!  I can smell salt from the sea, but not anything else!!!

Barcelona was fantastic, I have taken so many photographs that I hardly know where to start.  Literally hundreds and hundreds of them!  This next set was taken at Lobo, a restaurant we went to which was round the corner from the hotel we were staying at.  We went there on the day we arrived for tapas around 3pm and it was yummy.

I loved the lighting in the restaurant particularly, although the decor was all lovely and the smell from the floral display was divine.

This light was beautiful.  I like design, and have seen a lot of cool stuff in the past, but this light I have not seen before and I just loved it.

The kitchen was fully open to look onto, and I loved the jamon (ham) which this area of Spain is renowned for.  We had some on toast - it was delicious.

Whilst the restaurant was really busy inside, and out, we managed to get a great table outside where the sun was shining and there were accordion buskers playing.

Being tapas, the dishes are meant to be shared and after having done just that around 3pm we went for a walk around the neighbourhood to get to know Barcelona old town a little better.  The light was fantastic (as it was every day)

Blue Skies of Barcelona

The low sun during the afternoon makes for some great shots in the close knit streets of the old town.
The light around the square where the Museum of Modern Art is situated is also great.

Museum of modern art

Instillation in the main entrance of Museum of Modern Art

We had fallen in love with Barcelona and we had only been there a matter of hours.

It is a stunning city, the architecture is amazing and not just the Gaudi which I will show in another post as we didn't see that on our first day.

Barcelona is just such a photogenic city, everywhere you turn there is something to snap.


As night falls, as well as the shops being all open, the locals also shop for their foods at the local markets too.

Halloween shop window display
Local food market stall
Local food market stall
Local food market stall
Unlike the rest of Europe, in Spain, the shops close around 2pm and then open around 4-5pm and stay open until late.

Dogs tend to go out early on in the day or late at night, and children too play till late at night as they all wind down for naps in the afternoon.

Kids skateboarding at night
Kids skateboarding at night
Neighbourhood Bar
Bar Window
Skateboard Shop with Gingerbread Man Display
Antique Shop
Antique Shop
Vintage Toy Shop

Vintage Toy Shop

Amazing vintage lingerie shop which has been in the same family for years.  I got some fantastic burlesque finds here for buttons and was I happy!

I bought some fantastic earrings in this shop which had the so many things of beauty and not horrifically priced either!

Oh, the chocolate, and I am not a chocolate fiend!


This is only part of Day 1 in Barcelona.  As you can imagine, I have so many more I have to edit but it has been non stop since we got back, particularly as I had to bake a cake and finish organising Dexter's birthday party with a small group of his friends!

Now I know you are thinking, that's great but for Scavenger Hunt you were meant to also cover Children and I don't seem to have (yet).  Well that's because I am trying to keep the Barcelona pictures in the way we saw the city.  

So, as Saturday was a small Birthday celebration for him with his pals, I thought I would cover some of it now.  After having driven to a fantastic outdoor play park in my Nissan Figaro with the roof down (Anders took his car, and I took mine so we could fit all the kids in) and in my car I played this:

After this we returned back to central Edinburgh and went for a birthday celebration lunch.

The fried egg moon I got the other night was out again, this time though I had my Olympus with me as after the party had long finished we took Dexter to see Monty Python's Spamalot.  The sky was beautiful and atmospheric.

Well I have managed to do a whole mixture of photos, colour, black and white, sepia, shadows - hope you liked them.  Scavenger hunt 5 senses was a real struggle to get my head round, especially as I wanted to use my photos from Barcelona in the order they were taken!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1002Kweb06 Sepia Saturday


  1. this was such a fun post with so many different photos to look at! i love it. I swear you lead the most exciting life ever. I adore the sun flair shots, amazing

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    Everything here is SO beautiful and well captured. I loved it all!

  6. I adore all your photos! You have such a unique style. My favorites are the sunlight though the streets ones :)

  7. Wow, what a smorgasbord of photos!! I especially love the last one... something about the mood of the photo and the colors. :)

    Reading this post brought back memories of my visit to Barcelona 10 years ago... the siesta everyone takes, the late night dining, the jamon, the churros con chocolate (YUM!)!

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  11. Thank you for taking the time to read this Scavenger Hunt, it wasn't until I finished it I realised, this is too long! I needed to download the photos I took, and I have so many more to download, it is going to take me this week too to get them all downloaded and that is only having been there for 4 days!

    I really do appreciate you visiting and leaving a comment, thank you so much.

  12. You are so creative and an inspiration. I always enjoy reading your posts and I loved all of your pictures this week.

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