Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The best hot chocolate in the world!

We have experienced the best hot chocolate ever in Barcelona as a drink.  We never knew hot chocolate could be so fantastic, and it is from this magnificent city.  First one was at Dulcinea which is this fantastic little place set in the old part of Barcelona.  One of the great staff at Casa Camper recommended it as the other place was closed, and it was amazing nothing like we expected, and just amazing!

Hot chocolate here is eaten with a spoon and has little biscuits called churros.  The chocolate is not too sweet and not bitter, and is a thick mousse like texture which as baby bear would say in the 3 bears "it is just right"!

Cacaolate is the brand of chocolate milk from the place where this was invented and you see it all over the place in Barcelona.
The second place we had hot chocolate was the shop round the corner from our hotel which is the place that invented chocolate milk - that's right, it invented it!  It was closed on the Sunday, and on the Saturday the queue was right round the corner so it wasn't until we were leaving that we tried it and got it to go!  It was really delicious too and was a note to leave our stay in Barcelona on.



  1. Oh, that looks like something you need to tast right now!!! Beautiful shots.

    Erika B

  2. Awwwmannn, deeelicious! I love churros!! Great photos

  3. I can feel the kilos going on my hips just from looking at these photos