Sunday, 31 October 2010

Typewriting Terror Tales and a tribute to Hammer Horror ...

H is for Horror (after all it is Halloweeen)! 

The priest had been praying for months, he hoped that his words would be heard and that he would save the souls of his parish. He prayed that someone would destroy the unwanted visitor.

His town had gone mad, they were searching for a place that would keep them safe.

They knew some had fallen victim to the evil that had befallen the town

I surrender, please don't come any closer, you will see my reflection!
Who would help them

This was no happy Halloween full of chocolate and candy, trick or treating

This was something that scared the towns people to their very core

The church had lit candles in prayer

To keep death at bay

That some say lurked in the woods

They prayed to keep the vampire at bay

who was searching for blood....

Who was this creatures followers

and where were they luring innocent people to

It had started with Charles, the Prince' loyal and faithful companion.  He had been searching and had now found a perfect suitor

and no home was safe....

Ahahahahahahaha Ahahahahahahaha

Happy Halloween


  1. so creep and so, so perfect for halloween.

  2. Great post! I looooooove those doll house photos!! Love em love em love em!!

  3. You did a fantastic job! The movie looks scarey too.

  4. Great job on the photo journalism. thanks for sharing them with the ABC Challenge

  5. hahaha love it! you are so creative

  6. Creepy and yet beautiful because of all the great shots.

    Erika B

  7. This is a really fun post! Wonderful!