Friday, 29 October 2010

Oldest Restaurant in Barcelona!

That is one very old restaurant, and a very good one, hence why it has been around for so long!

Anders however ordered too much for starters so by the time the Paella came we were absolutely stuffed.  I was so gutted as I was so wanting to have a good Paella, and this one really was very good.  This was the last evening of our holiday and I felt like I was going to burst as we had eaten so much.  That's the thing about holidays in places that serve fantastic food, you just can't help but want to eat it all even when you know you cannot!

More food!
So Anders did the ordering, and as I have already said he ordered too much.  The starters were lovely, but one of them would have been enough for all 3 of us, so when the Paella came - you can imagine!

The sad thing is the Paella was really delicious, and although the waiter said "why don't you take the rest away", we couldn't as we knew we wouldn't eat it, and besides, the Hotel had a 24 hr complimentary snack area which included hot soup if we so wanted!  Instead we ate what we could and then walked back to the hotel to try to work some of those calories off both of which were really lovely.

Fantasticly yummy Paella.