Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Birthday in Barcelona!

We are back from our 4 day trip to Barcelona where we went to celebrate Dexter's Birthday which is actually today!  The big birthday treat for Dexter was going to see Barcelona play against Valencia in the big Barcelona stadium itself on Saturday night.  It is the first football game that he (and Anders) have been to.  

We bought Dexter the away strip, and his Granny & Grandad bought him the home strip which arrived the day before we left for Barcelona and therefore he got to wear it to the match itself.  We also had that customised too with his name and the number 9 (as that is how old he is now).
I wanted to go too to the match but the tickets where really expensive, and I thought this would be a lovely Daddy and Son memory, as well as a 9th birthday memory, which it was.  Barcelona also won 2 goals to 1!  I instead went to see a guy play Spanish Guitar in a church near our hotel which was rather beautiful, but I have to say, I would rather have been at the match!   To say thank you, Dexter bought me this

So did you miss us and my silence?
I just didn't have any time at all really to do any posts when we were away, except for one I had prepared before we left (Scavenger Hunt in which I did manage to put in 2 sunsets from the 6th floor area on our hotel).  

We had an amazing time there and I will be doing a lot of posts to catch up on what we did and saw but for now, lets start backwards with this morning as Dexter got his birthday present from his Auntie Dee Dee!  That is a happy start to a day.

Birthday tape on his birthday present

One big box ripped open which contains

5 smaller parcels all wrapped up - oh, the excitement!

Police Dunny

Burgertown Wifie

Viking Dunny

Double Headed Cat Dunny
Happy Birthday to Dexter, Happy Birthday to Dexter!

Dexter can see what is going on behind him and he thinks that is really great (which it is)

Lastly, Auntie Dee Dee bought him the coolest reversible body warmer jacket from Space Kiddets in NY which sells the Japanese clothes that we think are really cool.  We love that shop.

Happy Birthday Dexter, 9 today!



  1. sounds like a great 9th birthday to me. happy b-day to dexter!

  2. Happy birthday to Dexter! He looks so cool in that Rambo-like photo! =)

  3. Happy birthday Dexter! Lovely sunset photos.

  4. Happy Birthday Dexter! It's my birthday tomorrow and i know i won't get as many cool presents as you!

  5. What a great trip and Happy Birthday Dexter!

  6. Happy birthday to Dexter! Looks like an awesome trip!

  7. Ha! These are great!! I did miss your silence but know it is so nice to get away from everything and have a real vacation!! I'm sure I can look forward to seeing many more great images!

    Happy b/day to Dexter! Looks like it was a very memorable one for all.

  8. We've missed you!

    What an awesome gift for his birthday!

  9. it looks like you had an amazing trip. Happy Birthday to your son.

  10. Fantastic trip! I love your shots & happy birthday Dexter!