Thursday, 28 October 2010

Cable Car from the mountain to the sea in Barcelona

This was a beautiful day, sun shining and we had just walked up from our hotel to the Pedrera Gaudi Pedrera blog entry and then were going to walk along the beach having taken the cable car there.  We jumped in a cab and the driver took us to the cable car place (actually the wrong one but the one we wanted to go to turned out to be a very short walk to the other one which we took after having done the wrong cable car ride!).

The first cable car ride took us to the castle at the top of the hill, which has fantastic views over Barcelona itself.  The Castle was having a medieval jousting thing going on, but coming from a country full of castles we decided we could do this another time as why do things you can do at home when you are on holiday in a place you have never been to before - right! 

Whilst at the top, I did stop to marvel at the amazing blue of the sky meeting the sea and coming all the way into shore which from the angle I was looking at was of the industrial area which we had seen on the plane flying over.  It was actually stunning and I could have sat here just soaking up the view for hours.  

Returning back on the cable car to where we had originally boarded it, I just couldn't help thinking how cosmopolitan a city Barcelona was.  This trip had reminded me of an old movie set in Hong Kong where the main actor and actress took a cable car in Hong Kong.  Can't remember what the film was called, but I do remember this scene watching it as a child thinking how handsome the leading actor was and how beautifully dressed the leading actress was in her New Look clothes.

Then after a short walk down the hill, we came across the actual cable car ride we wanted to take, the one that took us straight to the beach where we were going to walk along the board walk (the photos of which I have already shared in a previously written recent blog post Barcelona board walk post in addition to having dim sum at this point and seeing tree sprites again which I wrote about in a separate blog post  click here to read that post).

It was a great day in which we covered a great deal of miles seeing Barcelona from the sky and the sea!  In this last picture, we started way up at the top of the hill in the far distance which is where the castle was, and travelled by cable car and a bit on foot to the point where we got off and then went for a stroll along the beach.


  1. The heights would bother me but what great views!

  2. Heights bother me too, and I always feel myself swallow hard before I enter, but I don't want to miss out on the fun that my boys have so I push myself and try to shut off the part of my brain that I know is being silly!

  3. Stunning views - and the blue of the sky is unbelievably beautiful