Monday, 11 October 2010

Girl in a speech bubble!

Saw this interesting girl sitting in a cafe working on her laptop and drinking coffee.  I thought I would ask her first if I could take her photograph so I could get that pensive/what the hell is going on look!

Reflection New York- Mood Collection from MOOD COLLECTION on Vimeo.


the long road


  1. One of those photos I could stare out forever trying to figure out what she is thinking about.

  2. She would have been perfect for this moodly video of New York City life for sure. Nice shot.

  3. Now that is totally awesome. Truly different. Thanks so much for sharing, and joining us. Hope you come back next week too! I'm dying to see what you come up with next.

  4. What a beutiful song and great photos of the people and places of NYC.
    Thank you for linking up to our little meme, I hope you play along again next week.
    Hope you had a wonderful Monday.

  5. I love her shirt. : ) And her pensive look.

    I bet you made her day : ) who doesn't want to think they are pretty enough to be a model?

  6. Great moment captured! Very cool!

  7. Great shots! Very arty!

    Erika B