Sunday, 3 October 2010

Featuring Typewriting tales......

Today, Dexter started to drink tea!  

Yep, he and his pal decided that they wanted to be grown up and drink tea like adults do.  I remember being about his age and doing stuff that made me feel all grown up too - how sweet and lovely they both are.  As he and Ben drank their tea, (which Dexter asked for putting on his I'm going to ask a mature and grown up question face), they both exclaimed "this is delicious".  Yep, hot Lady Grey tea, with a splash of milk and a spot of sugar is indeed, ha, ha, ha.  Oh I love it!  So the two lovelies sat drinking their tea, out of special kids mugs one with a scull and cross bones on it with the words Piratical, and the other with Peace and Love and watching cartoons! 

Think I might have found a way to use these photos more a typewriting tale spot, what do you think?

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