Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tree Sprites & Dim Sum in Barcelona

Saw these amazing trees in Barcelona as we were about to go on the second of the cable cars we had the experience of riding.  This cable car took you to the Beach and had a restaurant situated there which offered fantastic high up views of the city.  There is also an outdoor restaurant which has great views although the fast food they were service didn't look appealing, but underneath the outdoor cafe, they had a fantastic Chinese Restaurant and we ate dim sum there.

I would definitely recommend this Chinese Restaurant which is owned and managed by Chinese people and was full of Chinese people eating dim sum.  As tourists the waiter (who was a real pain) tried to get us to eat the Tapas but we ignored him and just as well as we saw another European couple who had taken his recommendation and it looked really awful!

One Dim Sum left which one of us got it?
That said, our dim sum was genuinely delicious and so were the views away from the crowds of tourists upstairs who were all scrambling for seats!

As we waited for the Cable Car ticket booth to open we had ice lollies and whilst eating my one, I noticed .....

..... the trees situated all around this place, and next to these bikes, well they looked like they had sprites growing out of the trunks, even the roots looked like faces.

Cartoon Face Sprite

Crocodile Sprite

Lion Sprite
I was sure they were alive, and would you know it, one of them even tried to grab hold of our wee treasure, but we managed to pull him away!!!

Halloween Pranks out of our photos from Barcelona to get you in the mood for the 31st!


  1. You have such an amazing eye for detail - you see things the rest of miss.

  2. :) I'm so glad you managed to wrestle your boy from the clutches of those crazy trees!

  3. love that watermelon shot! and that crocodile tree is crazy

  4. Dim sum is my FAVORITE!! Funny, I never thought of Spain for dim sum... great shots!