Sunday, 24 October 2010

G is for Gaudi's God Inspired Sagrada Famili - that's one dynamic inspiration!

Gaudi, what can I say but Gob dropping, Great, Gargantuan, Gothic yet Futuristic.  The outside of of the Sagrada Famili (the huge cathedral in Barcelona) which he built is something that is so ahead of its time, it beggars belief.  

Whilst the outside is impressive, for us it was not until we walked inside that we were blown away by the impressiveness of this magnificent piece of architecture.  For an architect who built from the late 1800's until the 1920/30 deco era, the inside of this cathedral could have been straight off a Sci fi channel space ship interior like a Mars Attack, Martian Chronicles type film/series.  It was not at all what I would expect to see as an interior for a church, it is more like a hive for an alien spaceship.

Yes it is definitely stunning and beautiful and it makes your jaw drop in wonder.   It is definitely a building way way ahead of its time, in fact way ahead of today too.  I just wonder if somewhere Gaudi was thinking "this is a place to feed my soul"!  

The light is dramatic and changes continuously reflecting off the columns and stained glass, as well as the unusually shaped windows and light shafts.  Having spent a weekend submerged in Gaudi architecture, it is so hard to imagine how this dynamic architects mind worked - he clearly was a genius and this building clearly did what he was retained to build, a place of worship that was so mind blowing that anyone who entered couldn't help but be inspired by its dynamic and awe inspiring existence, much like the world and the nature found within it that he took his inspiration from.  WOW and Dexter was so inspired he had to draw in his book - he drew aliens and monsters from the shapes he found inside this building!

Even though the interior and exterior was having work done to it (internally I am assuming because the Pope is visiting there in November), it was still amazing.  Inside there was 2 huge lorries to undertake some of the high up interior work and still there was lots of room.

 G is for Gaudi's God Inspired place of worship, the Sagrada Famili - an architect who is a dynamic Genius!    

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  1. what a wonderful selection of shots, all so dynamic!

  2. I love these pictures!! I live 150 km from Barcelona!

  3. Awesome!!! The building is beyond belief and your photos bring it to life.

  4. Gaudi is truly amazing! Beautiful shots!

    Erika B

  5. Wow. That IS gob-stoppingly dynamic!

  6. Whoa! That is so intense. It is captivating how the shadows filter through...amazing. I bet you could spend a week there and still not have absorbed every inch, huh?

  7. that area has some crazy detail. would be such fun to be able to spend a day and take in all in.