Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fab Designer Discount Furniture at IKEA prices.

Anders and I are so surprised by this amazing on-line store, I had to put it up, it is fantastic.

Use this link if you want to see and buy some fantastic designer furniture that has been produced by this group of  designers at IKEA prices but much much cooler.  If you use the link then I will get points for referring and I like a lot of the stuff here so that would be very kind of you if you decide you want to buy from here!

I am going to buy this for Marvin and Carly to sleep on, it is waterproof, and you can use it outdoors too.  For £69 + the £10 introduction discount which they give you (so it will cost me £59 + shipping (but that was only £12 so actually with the discount £2)) that is a cheap bed for our two redheads to sleep on - come to think about it I can think of some other people who will want to sprawl out on it too!  Love it.

The Piggy Bag, Union Jack


  1. Headed over to look now - probably tons of cools stuff I can't get on this side of the pond