Monday, 4 October 2010

Ninja, Naruto Birthday party

It's Dexter's birthday later this month and as an extra to Barcelona, we are going to invite a small group of his friends (5) to celebrate his birthday with him, not to come to Barcelona but to a wee party when we get back!!  He loves Naruto and so why not make them dress up as Ninjas as the theme!

 Dexter has loved watching Naruto since before we visited Japan a couple of years ago.  See here he is dressed up in Japan as Naruto.  He caused quite a stir over there let me tell you my prince of cuteness!

So I am going to have to be a busy bee thinking about what to organize for them to do, but think I have come up with a cunning plan!


  1. He is quite adorable. can't wait to see party pics.

  2. Party planning at its best! You'll come up with something amazing I'm sure.

  3. Aw!! Sooo cute!! I can't wait to hear all about it. And maybe I'll get some great inspiration for Aaron's next birthday (yep, my hubby, as he loves Naruto), and maybe he can have a ninja party of his very own! ;D