Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Scary TV Shows of the 70's

I was just chatting over coffee with Anika (she is just so so lovely and I am so glad to have met her through this blog), and we got chatting about her Halloween Countdown, and scary photos generally.  I mentioned to her about Hammer Horror Films and then I remembered about the TV series that whenever I heard the theme tune my skin would grow goosebumps and I would lie in bed hoping that nothing scary would ever happen.  This conversation made me look to see if there were any clips on youtube, and there are so here is a teazer that would scare me when it was still a little kid.  Whilst it is slightly adapted for a non British audience, the music is exactly the same.  For some reason, my memory of the theme shots were of the camera panning in and out of shots like the images shown, except they were seen through mirrors that gave either a round edge effect or were fisheye!


  1. Totally missed that show over here - by the Twilight Show theme gets me.

  2. Ooooooooo, love it!! It's like a Hitchcock score played on a child's piano. And the possessed creepy walk up the stairs into a door...when I was in art school I did a few series shot like this. I am going to have to investigate further!

    Looking forward to our next tea time!

  3. I am so glad you see why it frightened me, it was rather creepy and I was inspired by having found it so have done another creepy tale!