Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Happy Nutter!

I did have something else planned for my Happiness Project today, however, at lunch I saw this Nutter, and had to share as he did make me laugh (and be a bit scared as unfortunately I had to interact with him)!.  Sometimes doing street photography has it's downside, people who dress like fruit cakes, can in fact turn out to be just that!  Having a good body doesn't mean you are all there if you know what I mean!  They do make you look, and in this case laugh!  Maybe he has been eating some of the red mushrooms - magic!



  1. I gather that by "Nutter" you are talking about what people in my neck of the woods call a "Nutjob."

    I think he definitely qualifies!


  2. Ohhhhmaaan. You have the BEST characters. What good fortune! I can't tell...is that a cape?!

    He walks with purpose and looks quite happy himself too, eh? I'm so glad you also got him on video!

  3. Sue, indeed the word nutter does mean nutjob, and yes, he is quite that!

    Anika, he was amazing, I had a hard job not to let him see me laughing, let alone video him, and everyone was talking about him once he had gone - priceless! He is wearing a backpack which at one point he was sitting on it, suspended over railings, adjusting his "bits" whilst swinging his legs and ranting at laughing loudly whilst facing and looking right at me (so I had to avoid eye contact and not laugh)!

  4. Aaaahahahahahaha...priceless!! Thank you iPhone!

  5. awesome! whenever I try to do this, the photos turn out blury.

  6. I used to live in downtown San Jose, CA. There are lots of wackos hanging around down there. Never a dull moment. Totally worth the occasional close encounter.