Tuesday, 26 October 2010

People you see walking along Barcelona's main shopping boulevard.

If we had been meeting for coffee today, I would say to you that I was spending so much time in the evenings downloading all of the pictures that I took from our weekend away in Barcelona.  I would also say that the holiday had been fantastic and that I had so many stories to tell about my time there each of which I have posted up separately as all stories should be told that way don't you think and that way you could stop looking at the album of photos if you were getting bored!!

I would tell you about some of the people that I saw walking along the streets there.....

Architect type chap outside Gaudi Pedrera who I thought was amazing so asked if I could take his portrait!

Then as we started to walk up the road, these were some of the people we came across.

"Get right back into that shop and buy me that expensive bag if you know what's good for you"

Blending in

Picture Perfect Pink

I would tell you about how happy my son was to have gone there for his birthday and how lucky he is that his birthday falls during our October school holiday break which means we sometimes use that as an excuse to do something special which is hence why we went on a long weekend break.  I would also tell you that we had discovered who had sent him a mystery parcel for his birthday which along with all the tales that involves is a whole other lot of stories and posts!

I would also say that I am excited about Halloween approaching and that there was a big performance taking place on Sunday which we are looking forward to seeing.  That would mean more photos, and I still have not finished the holidays, arghhhhh!

Lastly I would thank you for having me over for coffee and I hoped I hadn't bored you.  I would also say I was super excited because I had found a great cool piece of furniture on-line in a store that was cooler than IKEA with their price tags if not less!  I do like bargain hunting for great stuff!

join me for coffee!


  1. I would tell you that your trip to Barcelona sounds wonderful, I would love to visit there one day! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. Thanks for meeting up for coffee this week!

  2. Not sure if you realized there is a link at the bottom of my Virtual Coffee post so you can add your link and then others can visit you for coffee today! : )

  3. Ah - what a lovely trip you had, and I'm so grateful to you for sharing it with all of us.

  4. Great photos! I love the first portrait, it really captures his personality!

  5. Would love to sip some coffee with you! You have good stories.

    I was about to ask the name of the store but just saw the heading of the next post as I went to comment...yay!

    That top photo is gorgeous. You take that with your Olympus? Barcelona looks full of characters. I think I would like it there. Thanks for the tales and coffee time!

  6. I am so glad that you liked this, I often think it would be nice to have a coffee whilst doing this for real!

    Jamie and Anika, I am so glad you like my stories, and yes, I took these photos on my Olympus. The guy outside the Gaudi building was perfectly placed. I just ran up and asked if I could take his photo. I am sure he thought I was off my head but he was such a character to look at all in black with those great glasses.

    I have so many more photos to download and stories to tell, hope you all continue to enjoy them as much as I do recounting them!

  7. Great shots - I love the black and whites.

  8. I love the first shot. I would be to scared to ask to take some one I dont know photo. good for you!

  9. Barcelona? How crazy fun is that! :) Great pictures!

  10. your captions are perfect!

    happy coffee!