Sunday, 10 October 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I start to think

my mind wanders as it is taken over by the colour pink

and burns a bright path against backdrops of blue, green and red

this hunt is all fuzzy and I cannot seem to get a structured form

into something of beauty, in which to lose myself.

Tiny floral pink flowers!
Bluberry craft and hobby time

Scavenger Hunt words are like hooks, 
sometimes to be found in books 
for which we are programmed to look out for,

as we try to make sense of the farthest corners of our minds,

we playback and rewind

searching for answers instead of sometimes just letting be

and floating in the beauty of colours

 a kaleidoscope of colours
which bring about happiness and still

the feeling of the mellow in a solitary leaf 

as it forms a blanket on the ground
on which to rest and blissfully get lost in tranquility.

Autumn is the death of summer, but yet it makes me feel even more alive,

my senses are more heightened with the purples and blacks of darker nights, 
pointing the way

I am neither mourning or celebrating the passing of a season

I just feel alive, like I am here

excited, alive, annoying!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. I always enjoy your interpretations on challenges. Think my favourite of all of yours is the series on the books and the little astronaut man

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post as you took us through your scavenger hunt objects! I love all your photos of the leaves. :)

  3. Terrific interpretation of the challenge! Love the leaves especially.

  4. great flower photo edit! thanks for linking :)
    I have to say that your leaf in the cup photo is amazing!

  5. Great interpretations this week! And another great story!

  6. ok let's talk photos... I love your interpretaions
    the latte with the leaf is so cool where did you get this great coffee.. let's talk annoying orange... video.. I have NEVER seen this and I was laughing out loud.. and my son came in the room 5 and was laughing too.. so funny

  7. That is a truly interesting shot for Flowers on Saturday. Lovely colors.

    Erika B

  8. I really love stopping by here and see your interpretations.. Very cool shots..

  9. Loved how you shared your scavenger items with us - great, great shots! Beautiful fall colors!

  10. hahaha this is awesome! i just love how your mind thinks! you are fun! great shots and interpretations. Love the coffee leaf shot, very cool

  11. I love your interpretations! You are very creative and talented.

  12. Thank you everyone who has left me a note. I am genuinely touched (some may say in the head, ha, ha).