Sunday, 3 October 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

In China, during October they celebrate Golden Holidays, which is apparently a week long vacation where people enjoy some r and r!

Wonder what people do during this time, and what memories they create during that time.

surely everyone wants to have memories that bring them joy
Like reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when you were little for the first time....

or even more simple, right now, eating golden corn on the cob, with golden salted butter that dribbles down your face, mmmm

I know I have memories that include at least one of my perfect boys
So lets follow Dexter down the yellow brick road you never know what memories will unfold.

Golden hair, golden light, my hearts delight all shiny and bright.

Or maybe a sweet smelling rose for my other delight

 yep my other golden haired boy whose aftershave smell is lingering,

oh when I think about it my senses are tingling, past, present and future!

Oh now just thinking about that smell makes me want something that is fruity!
can't you just smell that I'm feeling peachy......

....... Anders does have a nice bootie!

from so many angles!!!
Oh, behave I hear you saying, and yes I shall!

No need to bring in the police, or send me to jail

Will you let me out on bail?

I will keep my thoughts clean, read on and that will be seen!

 I was just being a goon!
unless you want to bring in a sheriff at a local saloon 
in the form of the Beatles song Rocky Racoon!
That would be just dandy!

I love, love, love that song, one of my favourites.  You know I really do love hearing it I can play it on repeat and sing at the top of my voice to it, especially in the car!  It is such a great song, I am now singing do, de doo (thankfully you can't hear though)!!!  Are singing it you too?  Shaking your peach to the music? ha, ha, ha I am!!!

Simple but true, a sign that says I love you

or maybe you prefer to say it with a simple yet very beautiful golden flower

What about sports, well I have already blogged about Dexter getting a gold 1st place for his kickboxing, although the cup was silver in colour!

Let's ask the golden haired lovely "Dexter what sport should I photograph"?

Yep, your right, no need to answer as it is right under your nose, football!
I can live with that and your golden smile on.....

 ..... or off the pitch lights up any cold autumn day.
maybe not the washing of the smelly, sweaty and dirty sports clothes - pooie..... (lucky for me it wasn't my turn to do the whole team, that day however I know is coming!), 
yep, Dexter I am sure you think that is funny!

I still love you, and here is a golden biscuit which smells divine having been freshly baked.  It has a fruity cherry on the top, is simple and sweet and will go down well with a glass of milk after a good workout on the pitch!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday inspired by Ashley at Ramblings and Photos 

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Favourite tunes inspired by ACoLab

Have a great Sunday!


  1. These are great! Wonderful job.

  2. Some really good shots in there, I really like the one of your sons hair with the sun shining on it!

  3. Some really nice shots, I especially like the one of the sun light hitting your suns hair, it's lovely!

  4. Great post!!! I love your shots of your son!!!

  5. These are great. I love the blurred images, I'm not sure how you're achieving the effect, but its great!

  6. Great hunt. Love how you put it together. Have a good day. xxx

  7. You definitely delivered on your promise and I loved this post! There's one picture of Dexter that I love...the one of half his face...his expression is priceless. Nice work!

  8. Love the peaches and the light on your sons hair!

  9. What a delightful post. Your photographs and verse intertwined are wonderful. My faves are the first and last photos, the jail with the softening and the one of Dex's impish smile. How dear. Thanks for sharing.

  10. what a fantastic collection of photographs!

  11. What a great post, I really enjoyed reading it...
    Your photos are great.. I love the one of your son on the path... And your first shot here is wonderful.. Hope you are having a happy day..

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed it and just hope I can keep this up!

  13. Very funny my friend.... :) Dexter's golden hair is a hit!

    My selections for the week:


  14. I love your variety! Great story telling too!! And look at you go with ANOTHER submission for the Lab!! Whooo...

    My favorites are the ones to the men in your life. The light streaming in on D's hair is so pretty and I love the 4 images of your hubby-camera pudding, no?

    You are awesome.

  15. Yep, Anika, you know your camera pudding shots! And yes, another submission for the Lab, I am so glad it makes you happy as it did me - love Rocky Racoon!