Monday, 4 October 2010

Contemplating my walk

Trees that stand majestic and proud
I feel like my head is drifting in a beautiful cloud

Paths to chose and to follow
Make me contemplate that life is anything but hollow

Like the leaves that float from the trees to the ground
My head is spinning all around
Memories which were lost are found
And my soul is sound

The trees that I pass like others before
Make me appreciate life and want more
The colours, the smells, the sounds, tastes and tingling sensations
Leave me with profound sensory contemplations and inspirations!

Photography love...

Don't know if I can inspire others, but I do know that this walk in the Botanics made me feel really in awe of the beautifully landscaped gardens and happy to experience autumn in all its glory.  Feel like I have been running about in my two red heads brains - I know quite a thought (Marvin and Carly who love to go running around and foraging outdoors and they would have loved it here but alas dogs aren't allowed in the Botanics!)

Carly & Marvin


  1. All my thoughts exactly - I'm a tree and nature lover too. But all the big tall ancient trees around here can only be found at our local botantical gardens too. I love the chance to have a quiet contemplative stroll there whenever I can. It's good for anyone's mental health. Thanks for the great pictures. Happy Monday!

  2. So gorgeous! Trees are incredible... such a source of comfort an inspiration.

  3. Nothing revives me as much as being close to nature.

  4. Beautiful!! I love the second photo that shows that autumn is upon us. :) Sorry the Marvin and Carly couldn't go... They even look a little sad about it!

  5. love love love your words here! great photos too, haha love the front doggy, his face almost looks sad :)