Sunday, 3 October 2010

Edinburgh Coffee Shop inspired Copper Shadow

Took these shots whilst having a coffee on a copper worksurface!  I could have stayed there the whole day taking pictures of different street scenes against the copper, waiting for the perfect shot, but couldn't.  This is why:-

Edinburgh old tenement rooftops on copper

Look more like Sesame Street looking at you


  1. Wow, these are wonderful photos - I don't know how you achieved this effect!

  2. LOVE that coffee shot! I'm always taking photos in cafes of my coffee. I'm a bit obsessed with my coffee pics! Have a great week :)

  3. These are fantastic! I love them and they're so different! Anyone who thinks a shadow is just a shadow hasn't seen as many kinds as we do on Shadow Shot! Do love that coffee and I'm ready for mine right now! Hope you've had a great weekend!


  4. Thank you for your kind comments, and Sylvia, thank you for deciding to become a regular follower, look forward to getting to know you.

  5. These are AMAZING! So very, very cool