Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Typewriting tales......jilted!

How could he have left her at the altar, all her family and friends had been watching, waiting, anticipating the marriage of Winnie to Maurice.  Her life had turned from black to white and back to black.  She knew he was shy about being centre stage at such a big event, but how could he, how could he?  He always did what he was told, that was what their relationship was all about.

She was mad, she wanted to teach him a lesson.  How could she show her face again, he had jilted her, and she was the dominant one in their relationship, business would suffer!  She was the one that cracked the whip, and just because she had chosen to be all white and fluffy on her wedding day didn't mean she wasn't any more in charge.....
 Yep, she was going to find him and drag him up that isle one way or another, they were going to be married and that was that.  Her family and friends were still there waiting, just like she told them to, they knew not to mess with Winnie on her big day.....

Maurice however couldn't move, he was still sprayed silver and standing on the cabinet where she had last left him waiting to be moved - he was after all only a plastic doll! Winnie, well she was really a showroom dummy!  

Saw this bridal window display whilst walking Marvin and Carly the other day and thought "OMG, what on earth.  That is the scariest and most unhappy bride I have ever seen, she looks mean and as though she had just been jilted - but yes, was wearing a beautiful dress".  Don't think the window dresser meant it to look like that, but it did!  Normally when I pass this window I think, what beautiful dresses they have and think all happy pretty thoughts, not this time though, maybe it is their Halloween homage!  I genuinely don't know!!!

the long road


  1. You have the best eye for catching things like this and turning them into a great story!

  2. Oo,oo,oo, love it,love it, love it!!!

    That first image is so great!!

  3. Wow, very original shots! Very cool!

    Erika B