Friday, 22 October 2010

Fried Egg Sky at Night and Pumpkin Rain Day!

Last night as I was tucking Dexter in bed he noticed that we had a beautiful evening sky.  The moon was out, the clouds were all fluffy and in uniformed pattern, but I couldn't capture it from my i-phone from inside the house and I wasn't convinced I was going to get it on my Olympus either (also it was too cold and I couldn't be bothered going out)!  I did however take a picture of it with the i-phone and although the picture was not anything like the sky I saw I thought I might pull some of the clouds out with some editing.  So with the editing, who would have thought that last night the sky was a digital fried egg sky, I thought the moon was meant to be made of cheese - not what I was expecting - did you see any interesting food items in the sky last night!!!!!

Today, the sky is grey/white, no breaks for blue and it is raining so again, when I woke up, it was hard to get a beautiful sky picture from the house, but as the pumpkin sitting outside did look pretty so took a shot of it with the sky as a backdrop and without!  

Just think, this time last week, we were in the beautiful blue skies of Barcelona and it was 19 - 20 degrees.  Today we are lucky if it is 11 degrees, with the wind factor, it feels far more like winter is dawning!

Skywatch Friday


  1. That definitely looks like egg. I like the pumpkin too!

  2. Hey, anything that looks weird just call it "Modern Art" and hang it in the living room.

  3. I'm still laughing about the fried egg! Love the pumpkin photo

  4. Love the photos!! Very creative!