Friday, 29 October 2010

Evil Clown menaces town ahead of Halloween!

Flashback Newsflash - yesterday evening a town was terrorised by an Evil Clown and did I get some portraits of them - what will be my reward!!!!

Not so evil now you have been captured!

Oh, those eyes, you are not really evil are you?

You tricked me!


Did you guess this was who I was talking about when I showed you some other monsters  dressed up?

I didn't know I was going to capture these earlier in the week, but having done so, I had to enter it in at the Simplicity challenge and hope that is ok?

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As for flashback, I know this was only taken yesterday, however looking at him dressed up as a clown, especially a scary one for Halloween, it did make me flashback to some scary movies with clowns in them.

Alter Ego - well mmmmmh!!!!!  I would be scared - thankfully NO!

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  1. These are creepy excellent!

  2. oh of course that is ok! Your photos are really well done :)
    VERY few of us in my photography challenges are professional photographers. I'm not even officially a professional photographer! It's just something that I love and occasionally get paid to do :)

  3. Totally creepy especially when he smiles.

  4. Ack!!! That's scary! The night shots are downright frightening, but so well done!

  5. OMG he's terrifying. Especially in those nighttime shots. Horrors!!! Thanks for linking up again, you set the bar for "alter ego" pretty high!

  6. For some reason, this year the costumes are getting scary for kids! We were at another party today, and yikes, those costumes were really scary, there was even another evil clown! Will try and get these posted tomorrow as it is Halloween, and of course I have done a Terrifying Typewriting Tales especially for this!

    I am glad to say, my boy is actually not a scary clown at all, and thank you all for your comments. Happy Halloween!

  7. HA! I think he's cute! I love that one of him smiling. That mask is pretty freaky though...