Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Come into my shop!

Still showing the i-phone shots as have not had time to sit and really work on the Olympus shots, however as Anika is doing her phonography spot, it doesn't matter - yey...... and also as Anika is also doing a creepy run up to Halloween, thought these shots were rather appropriate, double yey!

I found this great shop in Barcelona which I stumbled upon when Dexter and Anders were at the Barcelona v Valencia match on Saturday night before the Spanish Guitar concert started which I went to.  

The shop was amazing and sold magic and joke things as well as these huge heads some of which were funny and some of which were really scary - all of them however made my jaw drop in amazement!

I even tried on some wigs, and bought one, but the one I bought I will save for another day, all I will say was it wasn't this one!!!


  1. What a GREAT shop! The masks are awesome and your photos of them make them look every better.

  2. Whoa!! You weren't kidding when you said you had some creepy photos to share. WhoooNelly!! Do they celebrate Halloween in Spain? Or do they like to dress up creepy year round? ;)

    These are awesome! Thanks for linking up as it's always a joy to see your images.

  3. That first photo is freaking me out!

    Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. I agree with you. Sometimes looking at the worst is the best way to see the good in my decision.