Friday, 22 October 2010

Last Friday we went to Barcelona!

We set off on our trip to Barcelona and arrived at our hotel, Casa Camper which is owned by the people who make Camper shoes.  It is situated in the old town of Barcelona and it turned out to be a great place to be based as well as a fantastic hotel with just the nicest of staff.  We left Edinburgh and the weather was nice, but when we were approaching Barcelona, the weather was glorious.

Approaching Barcelona

World keeps turning!

Home for the next 3 nights

Fantastic place, with a very warm welcome from the fantastic staff.

The details were just fab, this robot was on the luggage trolly

Lift to our room

Surprise upgrade to a suite!  Here is the bedroom.....

..... and across the landing was our very own private lounge (or bedroom for Dexter if he wanted!)

The lounge, complete with hammock

Love, love, love the bathroom, and the little lovely brushing his teeth!

Our view from our bathroom was a courtyard with 176 ish Aspidistras - really lovely.

Magnifying mirror attached to the window

Quick swing in the hammock before we head out to look around Barcelona city

Cool corridor

Anders checking himself out before we head out to look around Barcelona city, and I am still in awe of this really terrific bathroom.  The shower room had 3 different shower heads, huge rain forest shower above, shower with adjustable water jets to the side and one that is located to give your lower regions a good old clean if you know what I mean!  The toilet even had a well thought out window for gentlemen to look out of whilst they, well you know, and for us ladies who like to sit, we had a list to read on the wall!

Loved the lifts, took a lot of photos in the lift!
Views from the hotel's 6th floor balcony when we first arrived
Evening view when we got back to go for dinner on our first day.  Again this is from the Hotel's 6th floor balcony

Views from the Hotel's 6th floor balcony on the day we arrived

Evening view when we got back to go for dinner on our first day.  Again this is from the Hotel's 6th floor balcony

More to follow on our trip, as you can see I am now editing my Olympus Pen photos!

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  1. The hotel room, actually everything about the hotel, looks so great. Can understand why you took so many photos. Looking forward to seeing more of the trip.

  2. I love pictures from the sky!! I hate being the one up there taking them, being scared out of my mind that I'll fall to the ground, but- I love the view seen from others. And oh wow, a hammock!!! I'm easily pleased, as you can tell, haha.

  3. Love these photos! I HAVE to see this place!!

  4. Awesome hotel! I need to stay there soon!

  5. My dream come true...a Camper hotel. It looks incredible! And I love the shot of your "gang" in the elevator! Thanks for playing along, again, with the View from Here.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love all the little details you captured!