Friday, 8 October 2010

Carly is at the vets.....

Yep, she is having her op so she won't have babies.  We did contemplate about letting her have a litter, but having seen Carly's mum, (who is fantastic and has reared two great litters) herself got mastitis and had to have one nipple removed, and this time, she has had it again but this time her nipple will not be removed thankfully.

Holly has fantastic owners, and they really look after both Holly & Tanner (Carly and Marvin's parents) really well, but thinking about it, it is a lot of work having puppies, and anyway, we wouldn't bread Carly with Marvin as they are siblings from the same litter, so she is having her op today, poor little girl.  Marvin is wondering what is going on as he is not used to being without his sister.

We will get her back later today and she will have to wear one of those bucket collars for a couple of days.  If you feel sorry for her now, then wait till she comes back..... our poor little lady.  On the bright side, she now has less chance of getting breast cancer (8 nipples, 8 x the chances apparently without the op) and also she will no longer come into season so we won't have to worry about her interactions with Marvin or any other male potential companions!

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