Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Red, dead and there was evidence they said

The red nail in the wall
It wasn't the photographer though.....
Was this Dexter's first innocent kill?

Why is Trinity making a coffin?
Has Dexter gotten it wrong?

Shots which remind me of the series Dexter!

Dexter seems to feature a lot in my life, my son was 1st, then came Dexter Morgan from the series.  Funnily enough we sometimes get asked if Dexter was named after the series - no he was not, but with his kick boxing moves he is becoming a deadly ninja assassin!!!  Then came Dexter the cat, also a deadly ninja assassin as he likes to leap out at you and grab your leg before running off so you will chase and play with him.  Dexter cat came with the name not chosen by us you see.  He was named by the rescue centre, after, yep, you guessed it, Dexter Morgan!! Dexter (son) really wanted him to keep the name as he said that it was a sign that the cat was clearly meant for us having his name (he doesn't know the rescue place named him after Dexter Morgan though and doesn't watch that series for obvious reasons).  So 3 great Dexter's in my life (one who I only know through the series which I love watching).  They all make me happy and each for different reasons- ha, ha, ha!

Whilst on the subject of my number one and favourite Dexter my son, the other morning he said that he wanted Dexter cat to share the same birthday as him!  This came about when he asked me when Dexter cat's birthday was and I said I didn't know because he was from the shelter but I reckoned he was about 7-8 months old when we got him.  It was at that point he said, can he have the same birthday date as me then?  I thought this was funny and cute so yep there will now be two birthdays on one day - 2 cakes for 2 boys, one will be made from cat food, and one fit for human consumption!


  1. I just started the series and so didn't finish reading your post in case there were any spoilers! Are there?? If not, I am coming back. The photos are awesome though! I love that second one too...xray?

  2. Hi anika, I am laughing and don't think there are any as I too am on edge of seat with this series.

  3. Hey that third photo wasn't up when I saw the post for the first time...how odd. I came back to look at the photo again and saw it. So cool!

  4. I know! Exciting right? I can't imagine what the pitch session sounded like in the board room when they came up with the idea for the show. It works though!

  5. Anika, the third photo was there, I know I sometimes do add more things, but didn't today. I love how you have this phone camera slot, it makes me really happy! As for Dexter Morgan, love that show and you know I think I would have been so up for this series being made if it had been pitched to me, and Michael is just so fantastic in the role. Love the show and am on the edge of my seat watching it.

  6. Do you find him handsome and creepy at the same time??

  7. Anika, I find him handsome full stop!

  8. People keep telling me I need to watch Dexter (the show) maybe during my holiday...

  9. Love these pix and their descriptions! That is so neat how 'Dexter' has worked it's way into your life in so many ways. That kind of stuff is always so neat!
    Thx for entering!

  10. i watched three more episodes last night of season 1... thought of you.
    Oh, great shots for the color challenge! :)