Thursday, 7 October 2010

A family that shops together......

....... can have such a hoot together!
At home in the Crystal Skull Palace "what's for tea love"?
We bought Dexter a really cool skull mask yesterday, and had fun with it hiding our faces and getting into the Halloween mood - it is October after all!

Helpful Dexter Skull
Mr Skull, looks a bit threatening, but really he is quite civilised!
Mrs Skull, choosing dinner!  What meat is on the menu tonight!
Lasagne of course!  Just because we eat meat doesn't mean the skulls don't appreciate fine dining!

It is Halloween month and therefore we can all have fun being different character faces can't we!



  1. Your family is so much fun - I love all the antics you get yourselves into!

  2. What a lovely lasagna the Skull family made

  3. That lasagna looks wonderful! Love that your family had fun together with a mask!

  4. That's hilarious, it's great that everyone gets into it, too funny!

  5. What a scary bunch you were that day!

  6. Cool mask. I love the editing.