Thursday, 30 September 2010

Astro Boy!

Astronaut backpack made in 2008 by Dexter
Dexter has always loved creative stuff, drawing, making things, writing stories, making fantastic jewellery (I am going to do a separate post for displaying some of them because they are really really good and he has even sold some as a result of me being stopped in the street and having them commented on!). 

Astronaut Dexter with his home made backpack 2008

So here are some photos of a couple of years ago when we made a space pack together - Astro Boy Dexter was created!  Making cool things out of junk too can be fun!

To infinity and beyond!
There are no limits to creativity thankfully as wouldn't life be boring.

Want to hear a song, and laugh at the same time, watch this video of Flight of the Conchords


  1. Love it - I know where that boy gets his creativity from...YOU!

  2. He's incredible, and Ashley is right that creativity is a gift from you.