Friday, 17 September 2010

So lovely I could eat him up!

"My choice" for You Capture so I have chosen the most yummy little boy that I know - my son Dexter! I have a lot of catching up of posts to do as my photographs seem to be taking over the time I have to download them - arghhh!

Anyway, back to Dexter! Whilst his friends are also really lovely too and I have a soft spot for each of them in their own wee way, but none of them to me compare with my boy, and this is my choice (according to You Capture) and so it is also this Mother's choice, so there!

I never tire of watching or photographing him and unlike me he takes an amazing photo each and every time even at times when usually it is unflattering to most people!

I understand why my Mum never tired of watching me, as I now do exactly the same with my wee ever so yummy tasty tiddler!

I just want to reach over and give him a big smacker on those lovely lips!

Anders knows I think he is extreme eye candy to me, but I had no part in making him, Dexter on the other hand I did, so he is my choice!

No point in teasing Dexter either out of jealousy Anders for being picked as my muse choice, he knows you think he is just as yummy too!

ha, ha, ha!"