Thursday, 30 September 2010

Why start a battle when you don't have to!

The ACoLab submission for October is "Your favourite song".  I DON'T have an absolute favourite song so there in starts my own internal battle for which song should win this accolade.   

Do I go back to my childhood and a song which takes me to a time where all my friends used to gather round the tv watching the Eurovision Song Contest (doesn't have the same feeling as it did in the 70's)?  

Growing up, this annual Euro-vision Contest date was one where you bought in supplies of sweets, and cuddled up in front of the TV with your family watching all the countries perform their countries representation, avidly waiting to see who won.

The song I am thinking about was the year that launched Abba from Sweden!  I loved the blue outfit Agnetha wore (funnily enough my Mother-in-law was her double and quite a babe in the 70's from photographs I have seen) and I loved her long blond hair.  I (like many other people) instantly started singing this catchy little number, and every time I hear it I get transported back to my childhood and watching this on the TV, thereon after I quickly think about a holiday with my friend and her parents where Dancing Queen kept being played! So what song is it going to be?

As I have said, I don't have an out and out favourite song, a lot might fight to get there, but nope, they are all being defeated in one way or another.  There are many songs I love, some of which I have shared in previous posts, but one absolute favourite - nope, Nada!  

So how do you depict something that would end up creating your own internal battle of the bands/songs!  Of course, Waterloo by Abba and how better than to depict it with a piece of art which we have bought, a bowl made out of specially commissioned French plastic toy soldiers!  

The white bowl was also great, but the soldiers were of the English Civil War, French uniforms are much more beautiful and then of course there was a great song about it and I cannot think of a great English Civil War song!

So ends my internal and personal battle of fighting to capture one outright favourite song - I don't have one and and why start a war when you don't have to!  Also, this song won the Euro-vison in 1974!


  1. As always very creative! I love it and am ashamed to say that I don't know as much Abba as I should...including this one so thanks for the video! It is hard to pick A song...I also have many.

    Did you ever try out that app Camera Pudding? Urban Muser turned me onto it and I think you would LOVE it!

    Thanks for participating in the Lab again. I will let you know when the post goes up...probably a day or two after the deadline.

    Oh, do you a favorite image for the first page? I like the 1st and 5th image best I think.

  2. Nice work...I have no idea what I'm going to do.

  3. Don't have Camera Pudding, will check it out.

    This was a tough one for me as I really don't have a favourite song and then this all seemed to fall into place!

    Re favourite image, happy with either 1st or 5th image, you decide, use one or both - I am not being very decisive am I - must be the post!!!

  4. picking a favorite song is an impossible mission.