Thursday, 9 September 2010

Graceful signs.....

I think this angel sign looks like Grace Kelly
this song is from one of my favourite albums

It would take a lot of grooming to make me as graceful as Grace Kelly was (or even just angelic) that's for sure......
maybe not this type though, even though I am open to suggestions!

I can but try and maybe this should be read as a sign of good intent!



  1. I absolutely LOVE that barbershop window. What a great picture. Perfect for this weeks challenge. Just perfect : ) I laughed out loud about being as graceful as Grace Kelly. Me too. It would take hours and hours and HOURS! I don't think it could be accomplished!

  2. you are fun, love the barbershop shot, love how that guy even looked out at you :) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeff Buckley! great taste in music you got there!

  3. Loving the barbershop shot. Great pictures.

  4. Every day is better when you add in a little Jeff Buckley

  5. I love your take on signs !
    The angel does look like Grace Kelly. And the barber shop window is so colorful !