Tuesday, 7 September 2010

OMG - 19 Years Ago today......

.....was no ordinary day!

I have to laugh at this song, I just have to think about my post of last week - why do birds! I can almost hear you sarcastically singing this to me!
This is not the 60's however.....

Hey! Little Girl
Comb your hair, fix your makeup (done)
Soon he will open the door (or maybe I will just let myself in from my day in Glasgow)
Don't think because there's a ring on your finger
You needn't try anymore (lessons for all husbands and wives in this one)

and similarly 19 years ago, I jumped out of bed, it was a beautiful sunny day, and drove in my car first thing in the morning to meet my sister and friend at the hairdressers and then put on my make up. Why? Well, because 19 years ago this very day, I got married to Anders!!!

Where have the years gone? They have all measured up well so far and thank goodness for the blog so I can make sure I catalogue them going forward - ha, ha, ha! I can be a wise old owl at times, like my bag full of old junk and a big ass trunk!

Anders and I have been going out for 21 years in January although we actually met in the November of the year before and if you had said to me then that I would be going out with him let alone married to him when I first set eyes on him I would have told you you were off your trolly. Not because I didn't fancy him, no siree, I thought he was stunningly handsome then too! It was because I didn't think that he would be interested in me enough to go out with me - yet here we are, nearly 21 years later still together and having been married for 19 of them - OMG!

Diamonds might have been Marilyn's best friend in Diamond's are a girls best friend, but actually Anders is (more often than not) mine!

PS, it was me who eventually asked him out and I am so glad that I did as he was too busy getting chased by others - someone had to grab him by the horns!

Hey! Little girl
Better wear something pretty
Something you'd wear to go to the city and
Dim all the lights, pour the wine, start the music
Time to get ready for love
Time to get ready
Time to get ready for love



  1. Oh, what a heartfelt love story!
    Enjoy your special day,

  2. Congrats!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love that first photo.

  4. Hahahaha, you're too funny! I just love the intro to this post, referring back to the "why do birds" post! =) I hope you two have a wonderfully happy, extraordinary anniversary!!

  5. Congratulations. I love a good love story!


  6. Congratulations! You two love birds make me believe marriage and relationships are worth it

  7. Wow, congrats. He is lucky to have you!