Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Barsch & Pork Belly

I have said before I like cooking, problem is I don't always post what I do because I am not the best at photographing food, but I am going to practice (now and again) so hopefully I will improve at it! This is what I made for dinner (tea if you are from Scotland and being informal) on Monday evening. Homemade Barsch (Borsch if you are using the Russian pronunciation) the colour of which reminds me of Autumn & Winter. To accompany it, I served it with home made pork belly and scratching.....

I love the rich red colour of the beetroot soup, and I season it with dill, black pepper and a mixture of sea salt and celery salt along with a good stock.

To accompany it, I came home from work, shoved the pork belly in the oven and cooked it for 3 hrs allowing the fat to drip into a basin below the grill tray below - that is how I make crispy crackling every time with the meat being really soft and feathery.

The pork belly I either shred or chop (depending on the persons preference), and today I put it into the soup with the crackling pieces on the side. Even if I do say so I thought it was yummy and so did Anders & Dexter as it was all eaten up with nothing left on their plates (always a good tell I say)!

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