Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ghost of a lighthouse

The lighthouse which once was so ship shape and Bristol fashion
That could tell tales that would compete with ones from grandest of mansions

The sailor that once stood to attention
was now too scary to mention

Through the lens of the glass things look distorted and different
or is it in the way our mind portrays it?



  1. Ooooo, i looove them! You go to the coolest places.

    I thought that the thumbnail was of a distorted hallway...i can see the light now, very pretty.

    That first image is so lovely. What did you use for editing? It's so moody and captures the title perfectly. It almost looks like a Polaroid transfer.

    Thanks for you help, again. I tested it out and it works now. Amazing what one number is a series of HTML will do. It's all still gobbley-gook to me! Thanks for linking up!

  2. All done on Hipstamatic Anika, no editing, just straight from the i-phone!

  3. These are gorgeous! You definitely inspire me to go to strange and seemingly forbidden places.

  4. I'm loving these, I feel like I've stepped into a mystery novel

  5. you really do go to the coolest places! you are such an adventurer! these shots are cool and scary at the same time