Friday, 3 September 2010

Cafe Gandolfi, Glasgow

Dexter won 1st place at Kickboxing on Sunday in his category, to celebrate he asked if we could go and eat at Cafe Gandolfi as he loves their Macaroni Cheese. Of course we said Yes!

Cafe Gandolfi is a really lovely place which is all wood inside, the furniture is made by Tim Stead which compliments the arts and crafts feel about the place. In addition to the wooden decor they have beautiful stained glass windows and their food is comfort food in style.

Anders had Venison & Dauphinoise Potatoes, and I had Meatloaf with potato salad, course no celebration would be complete without pudding.

Home made ice cream - mmmmmm
Dexter didn't want pudding as he was so full, I had their Ginger Stem ice cream and
Anders had the Chocolate & Caramel ice cream which was so light and fluffy, not that he wanted to anyone to try it......

..... Yep, makes a girl!


  1. I thought you were going to say no celebration would be complete without wine, and then I saw the next photo! Congratulations to Dexter!

  2. Lovely photo of you - I love that top you're wearing. I also used to love the white pudding dish they did there - so they still do it?? xx

  3. Wow...a kickboxer champion! He does deserve a treat! :) That's alot of ice cream that Anders is not sharing! lol. And nice blouse you have there! :)

  4. It looks like you're enjoying your new camera - these are great shots. I also love that Mr. Puff is going everywhere! Have a great weekend.