Thursday, 9 September 2010


I cannot believe we are now in September and the signs for Autumn (Fall) are starting to slowly but surely show. Apples are dropping from the trees, leaves are slowly starting to turn from green to autumnal shades of yellow, orange and brown and although there are still bright blue skies, you see the tell tell signs, which, regardless of the weather are still out there to mark the passing of a season.

Whilst I have loved this summer which is one that has been filled full of lovely times and memories, I also love this time of year too as it is when I got married many years ago, it has my son's birthday and is the build up to Halloween and harvests which result in lots of yummy foods coming into play that you are less tempted to eat in the summer and hot weathers. That said, I am really feeling as though I am holding back from wanting to let the summer go and I say goodbye.

Unlike Summer, Autumn is a time when nice coats and knitwear can start to be worn, not quite yet, but slowly you start to need to build layer upon layer and instead of having ice cold items when you are sitting outside, you enjoy hot drinks like hot apple cider or warm tea.

Surprisingly, this is something I have not openly contemplated before, but writing in this blog is making me do this. Life does pass in a whirl and I am sad to see summer ending. Yes, I am looking forward to the uncertainty of what we will experience going forward with the certainty of knowing I have a great family right by my side. I just don't want it to pass by without enjoying and savouring each moment as before we know it Christmas will have been and gone and that would be so so sad.

So this Autumn, we are going to celebrate what makes it special, and maybe incorporate it in making gifts for family and friends which we can take into Winter and therefore we can enjoy each season, just as it is meant to be enjoyed. So with this in mind I am going to do a starter list of things I would like to do with my family over the next 3 or so months:-

  1. Go see Dexter play with his school team in sports.
  2. Bake a birthday cake for Dexter
  3. Plan a special day for Dexter's Birthday.
  4. Decorate the house for Halloween
  5. Visit a few spooky places to get us in the mood
  6. Knit something
  7. Make some presents and decorations
  8. Carve a pumpkin and make something from it like a soup or a pie
  9. Visit the Lighthouse again and write something about him
  10. Look back over Autumn and see we had a better season than the one we are just saying goodbye to, slowly but it is a goodbye none the less.
and be open to all the good things that are out there


  1. I LOVE that image of the apples! Love it,love it, love it! So fairytale-y...

  2. What a fun autumn you have planned

  3. I love this. Savoring every moment, reflecting on times past, looking forward to the future with our loved ones... It just feels so full of life. And like I got a little glimpse of your heart.

    Maybe I'll do a similar list of my own, a "things I want to do with/for my family before the new year is upon us."

    *great big hugs* Thanks for helping pause and reflect on what really matters this morning.