Friday, 24 September 2010


Anders and I took Dexter to visit it last month but forgot to put it on the blog!
For those of you who don't know Culloden is where Bonny Prince Charlie was defeated by the English in 1746. It is also the last battle to ever take place on British soil.

Anyway, Culloden is the site that this battle took place as I had been there before as a child so my memories were of visiting it on a wet and grey day, (much like today) and the field on which the battle took place was eerie and sad.

Whilst Dexter excitedly told me that it was horrible and what happened there was so awful that he thought he might have nightmares, his photographs tell a tale of both sadness and fun, which I am glad at as I don't want him having nightmares!

Because Culloden is an open field, they allow you to take dogs. Marvin & Carly therefore got to go there too and they made the trip more joyful! Yes it might sound surprising but in fact they actually have poo bins there for you to dispose of their business.

They of course have signs saying "please be respectful", (which of course they were) because this is regarded as a war grave. As the site it is so near to where these clans were from, we believe that their clans would come to remove their bodies, so whilst it is a war grave, it might in fact be a war site, albeit a very bloody one, the description of which Dexter found horrifying.

Interestingly, we also all went to see Fort George (literally almost next door to Culloden) after this which was built by the English after Culloden to ensure that there was never another uprising again from the Scots, and there too, we got to take Marvin & Carly.

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  1. What a great day! I love the photos.

  2. Wonderful pictures! Being an avid "Outlander" series reader, it's really interesting to see photos of the actual site!

  3. It's hard to believe that someplace so beautiful and peaceful looking now, was ever the site of such tragedy.

  4. History is interesting and often filled with sad tales. What a beautiful place this is now.