Friday, 17 September 2010

Miami Beach, The Keys, Wedding!

Firstly, I promised in my earlier post this week that I would post a flashback photo from the wedding where Ingrid Sophie Von Schram was bridesmaid at Ander's brother's wedding. She is the one on the left in front of Laura my sister-in-law and Ingrid is the Bleu de Chanel model the advert of which was shot by Martin Scorsese - I was impressed!

It has been a busy week so didn't have time to look out others, but I did come across these ones last week which brings Anders and I both very fond memories. They were taken with our lovely friends who then moved to NZ - Lloyd & Laura when we went on holiday together to the Florida Keys 10 years ago in April!

Lovely Lloyd

Lovely Laura

Me and Anders of course!

The Dolphin I was gutted I couldn't swim with because.......

I was pregnant with Dexter and was not allowed to go into the sanctuary with them! I cannot complain as I had been diving about the year before in the Red Sea with a 7 wild dolphins. That said it didn't stop me from wanting to jump in but I didn't, I resisted.

Dexter also made me cut my hair short and generally be a tomboy during the 9 months he was in my spare room. As I was about 10 weeks pregnant during this holiday he did get to go snorkeling with nurse sharks in the safety of my tummy. I knew I couldn't go diving, but I was not going to miss an opportunity to go snorkeling which turned out to be a fantastic trip with lobsters and nurse sharks a trip I remember clearly to this day along with all the other fantastic stuff we experienced in Miami Beach & the Florida Keys. Love Miami Beach & The Keys.

Whilst Dexter growing in my tummy he turned me off all the yummy seafood's which was very frustrating as the produce on this holiday were so delicious (normally to me)! Finding these photos and remembering the trip just makes me smile! It was the first holiday Lloyd & Laura went on together too, and I remember Lloyd buying Laura a beautiful ring with a huge pink stone as it was her favourite colour - how sweet is that.

Then later that year I gave birth to a son who we named Dexter, and he has been a pleasure to be with ever since. Interestingly, he loves food and has not had any funny food cravings or dislikes - who would have thought!

I also have to say a big thank you again to Lloyd for teaching me hypnosis prior to giving birth which I used when delivering Dexter. As a result of these lessons my birthing experience became another great diving trip for me with the aid of hypnosis, the snorkelling trip on this holiday, lots of gas & air, a good old helping of diamorphine and finally general anaesthetic!!! Loved it and would do it all again as I have only great memories of giving birth - shocked - I can understand - but it is all true so thank you Lovely Lloyd for teaching me hypnosis and tricking my mind!!!

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  1. AW Joanna! 10 years ago - and I can remember it so clearly. It was a fantastic holiday. xxx

  2. I love the way photos can bring back such amazing memories

  3. Such exciting adventures!! The one time I tried to go snorkeling, the water burned my eyes. My goggles must not have fit correctly? I was having a heck of a time, and didn't enjoy a bit of it. So sad :( You need to give me lessons, haha.

  4. Joanna, can I nick the pic of Lloyd please? I like it a lot!

  5. We too still have very fond memories of that trip; the brilliant deco hotels, the mad portions of food (so we had to order starters only, because we were so full!); the huge long island iced teas that Andrew and I drank too quickly...

    I shall have to see if I can find our photos of the trip!

    Love to you all xxx

  6. Of course you can nick that picture of Lloyd Laura.

    We really need to get together again, way too long since we have and that was a great holiday. I have found some more photos of a different event which I will post in October - won't say anymore but I laughed when I saw them!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed yourself, and took a look around. You know, seeing everyone's old photos I feel like I'm watching an old movie, and I love old movies. I have a meme on Monday called Monday's Music Moves Me! Hope you'll stop by, and play along. It's freeby Monday this week & you can post any song that you like, just sign our linky! PLEEEEEASE! TANKS! Have a great weekend! Following you!

  8. Wow, how fun!! And I loved all the photos! What a cute picture of Dexter!!!!

  9. This is my first visit to your blog. I think I need to come back and spend some time. You lead a very interesting life. I hopped over from Alicia's Friday Photo Flashback.


  10. It was fun reading through your post. Old photos are such a wonderful thing...they definitely help to bring back great memories of special times! Here's to more photo taking moments!

    It sounds like you had an amazing trip with great friends in the Keys. Your Dexter is so cute. And I love how in the wedding photo, your brother in law and sister in law look like they are models in a wedding advertisement.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I am stopping by through Alicia's Friday Photo Flashback. I finally got to my 100th post and hope you get a chance to stop by :o)