Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dexter & Friends....

Dexter got such a surprise when he saw his two pals Benny & Louis at the beach we went to and when they all set eyes on each other there was just a huge eruption of joy!
The funny thing was we rang Benny's mum just before we went to ask if Benny would like to come with us to find out that we had been beaten to the offer, he had gone with Louis and his parents to a beach too. There are lots of beaches that we could have chosen, so the fact we ended up at the one that they had gone to was fate!

The three amigo's Benny, Dexter & Louis

mentally our minds must have been sharing looking for that same horizon.


  1. This looks like a great day at the beach. I see you're using your Olympus...love it. The one portrait is grand.

  2. aw how cute! I can't wait till Lila is old enough to have little friends :) I love all these photo's, especially the top one!

  3. Ashley, I am using the Olympus Pen and the i-phone as they both give different results and I genuinely love them both and can't really compare them as they are both so different. The third one down is done on the i-phone and the rest in this post are the Olympus Pen with a contax lens (manual adjustment). I am glad you like them, very flattering thank you.

    Krissi, yep it is really cute watching them play with their friends and I am so glad you like them as you take great shots. The one at the top I liked too and the blur effect I thought added.

  4. What a happy accident. I love it when that happens.

  5. You captured the spirit of their friendship perfectly!