Sunday, 12 September 2010

Comfort of the sea

Jewels washed on the shore
Always call me back to look for more
Pink, jade, golden and bright
Somehow comfort and make me feel all will be alright

The waves that gently lap onto the sand
seem to calm me like my mothers caress from her soft loving hand

Tides are constant they go out only to come back in
yet this routine is also no prison
the sea just washes, cleanses and leaves little jewels behind
for someone if they choose to find......

and like that I hope that I will be never far from my child's mind
as my love for him will always be constant
which I hope will make him happy, strong and resilient
then he too will love and have comfort
because he will have grown to be a constant
the way Anders and I are for him and each other

The Sunday Creative


  1. Beautiful words and photo! So lovely

  2. I love this!!! From the poetry to that final shot of the jewels of the tide (a heart), it's beautiful!!! :)

  3. these words are lovely and the sea is such a comfort, a wonderful prompt

  4. love these photos. great colors!

  5. The sea is most definitely calming! Lovely interpretation!