Monday, 13 September 2010

Child Catcher Anders!

We spent a fantastic afternoon yesterday on a secret beach which had been mentioned to us over the years in hushed whispers.....

We went there with Dexter, Marvin & Carly who ran over rocks, and paddled in the sea, it was bliss.

Anders however did get some strange looks as he called for Carly who ran between a small group people with children that had a used (and by then cold) disposable bbq! As he called "Carly, come here, stop bothering those people" in a jovial voice - the entire group of about 20 turned round, froze and looked in absolute terror at him.........

It wasn't until Carly ran from the centre of the group to Anders where he put her leash back on that they realised he was not some insane child catcher trying to lure their daughter Carly from them to him! The fact that Anders had parked his horse drawn cage at the top the hill and was wearing tailcoats and a top hat didn't help (only joking about the last sentence of course)!

Marvin & Carly our "other children"

Carly, the cause of commotion!

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