Thursday, 23 September 2010

Creating a memory

I heard a lovely story over at Leigh's place yesterday which has been on my mind ever since.
It was all about creating a memory:

So today, Anders were out choosing a birthday present for Dexter’s best friend Ben’s brother’s Zack’s 3rd birthday which involved us going to this really lovely toy shop in our neighbourhood. Anyway, a lovely box of brightly coloured building blocks were chosen for Zack, the sort that even I remember loving when I was at nursery (and that was a long time ago I write with an expression of horror appearing across my face as I realise that – arrrrgh)!

Anyway, whilst there I remembered how Lego have brought out a series of 16 mini figures to collect of which Dexter has bought 3 from his weekly pocket money and he wants to get the whole set and I thought, I will get him the ones he hasn't got! He will self combust at that alone however......

The getting of the Lego will not be the only memory. It is how he is going to get them that I hope will add to it all and that will be this Sunday (he doesn't know it yet though)! You see, this weekend is “open doors weekend” where lots of public and private residences have chosen to open their doors to the general public to go and nosey around. We are very nosey so, Anders and I will chose places to take him to, and whilst there (or on the way to them) will make him think he is finding these characters by chance with us! He will eventually click after the first few that this is not just some random luck thing happening (wonder how many it will take, he, he), but that too will create the memory (we hope).

For us, seeing his eyes light up with excitement and delight is a wonderful memory for us too. Life should be all about having great memories.


  1. Oh my... This is such a sweet and happy idea! I'm excited for you and just can't wait to see Dexter's reaction!! (You will be sharing some photos of his discovering the little guys, won't you?!)

    ps. "Treasured moments" indeed...

  2. I LOVE this!! He will remember that forever. So sweet, my Mammaw would be impressed!

  3. What a brilliant memory you are going to make!

  4. An9e1a, I will be out with my cameras (as always), so hopefully will capture something that captures his complete joy (hopefully I can then post it on Leigh's Happiness Project on Wednesday as that would be extremely apt giving it was her Mammaw that inspired this to happen). My fingers and toes are crossed!!!